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Deluxe Windows stacking doors are ideal for large openings in your house, from your indoor cooktop to your outdoor dining area for your Melbourne homes. Made with high-quality material and glass, our doors are weather-resistant and offer clear views while maintaining privacy. Our selection of frame colors and hardware finishes gives you the ability to customise your doors to match your home’s style. For large openings in your house, our Deluxe Windows stacking doors are an ideal choice.

Stacker doors are a type of door that slides open horizontally. There are several reasons why someone might choose to install stacker doors instead of traditional doors. First, they take up less space. When fully open, stackers create an opening that is twice as wide as the door itself, making them ideal for small spaces. Second, they are easy to operate. Anyone can open or close a stacker door with little effort. Finally, they are stylish and can add character to a home or business. Stacker doors come in a variety of materials, colours, and styles, so it is easy to find one that fits the look and feel of any space.

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Are Stacker Doors Secure

Yes, stacker doors are just as secure as traditional doors. They can be equipped with the same locks and security features. In addition, stacker doors are typically made of sturdy materials that are difficult to force open. Stacker doors are a simple, fast solution that transforms your doorway from completely secure to open and welcoming in seconds.

Our double glazed, double sealed and multi-point locking guarantee that you receive a high-quality product that not only looks great, but will also help you save money on your energy bills while keeping your home pleasant all year. If you are looking for an alternative to the standard door, then a stacker door is definitely worth considering. Stacker doors are becoming more popular in homes and businesses in Melbourne because of their numerous advantages, including making a large open area without intruding on your home or outside space, sophisticated multi-point locking technology, double sealed to minimise noise and keep out the cold, high-quality rollers for smooth sliding.

What is the Difference Between Bifold and Stacker Doors

Bifold doors are made up of a series of panels that fold back on themselves, while stacker doors consist of two or more panels that slide on top of each other. Bifold doors tend to be more popular in residential settings, while stacker doors are often seen in commercial properties. Both types of doors have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Bifold doors tend to be more expensive than stacker doors, but they offer a number of advantages.

The primary distinction between bi-fold and stacker doors is the way they open and close. Bi-folding doors fold in on themselves, while stacker doors slide along a track. Stacker doors are a better alternative if you have limited space near the opening you intend to utilize. Their sliding mechanism consumes less room when opening and closing, making it easier to layout your area. A bi-fold door is best if you want more space when your doors are closed. When they’re fully folded away, these doors are almost undetectable.

Sliding stacker doors and bifold doors are excellent options for your home in Melbourne. Whatever you select will be determined by the degree of balance you want to establish between style and function, as well as natural taste! They can add a stylish touch to your home and make it more comfortable to live in. We at Deluxe Windows  in Melbourne are glad to speak with you about what would work best for your house.

Deluxe Windows Double Glazed Stacker Doors

Are you looking to save space in your home, or add a touch of style? Sliding stacker doors is an excellent way to do so! These types of doors are perfect for those who want to add style and elegance to their home, but also save space. Stacker doors may be used in a variety of ways, such as as an entranceway into your house, to create a barrier between two rooms, to provide privacy to a room, and so on.

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