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Tilt and Slide Patio Door

For those who want the advantage of a sliding patio door – but the ability to have ventilation without having to slide the whole door our Tilt & Slide doors are another the perfect solution.
When open the door does not interfere with the interior of the house since the operable panel slides parallel to the other panels. This type of door allows making considerably larger dimensions than traditional doors. When closed the door looks aesthetic and allows a lot of sunlight in.

The Tilt and Slide Patio Doors slide smoothly and effortlessly to one side, another advantage is the added tilt feature, which means they can be used to provide extra ventilation without needing to open the doors fully.

These doors are also very secure and feature an all round locking mechanism with shoot bolts and an internal handle. An external handle can also be added if required, all in a highly versatile means of ventilation with an entry/exit facility.

Deluxe Windows Double Glazing Doors are ideal when indoor space is limited allowing you to position furniture and other objects within close proximity on either side of the doors,

Double Glazing Doors from Deluxe Windows will improve the value and visual aesthetics of your home and also improve access to gardens, courtyards and patio areas. Thermally efficient and reassuringly secure, our double glazed uPVC Sliding Patio Doors are all made to measure to your exact requirements. Patio Doors consist of two or more panels, which can each be sliding or fixed, depending on your preference.

Other types of Doors we manufacture


Renowned for their style and class, our expressive double-opening French doors are made from resilient uPVC materials, helping our customers transform dull doorways into opulent entrances. The layout of French doors allow more light to come into the home, adding to the sense of space in an otherwise small environment.

Thanks to their unique and timeless design, our cost-effective French doors have a positive impact on all spaces they inhabit, providing fast access to interior and exterior spaces alike.

When opened, our superb French Doors offer relief from the heat thanks to the exceptional ventilation they provide when opened. Made to suit the tastes of our customers our selection of French doors come in a number of different colour options and finishes, along with the possibility of uPVC variation. With the addition of side panels, French patio doors can easily accommodate larger opening areas.

French Door Frames

Insulate Double Glazing Bi-fold doors open concertina style to create a stunning open space and an unimpeded view of your garden. When closed, they create a wall of light and an unrevealed feeling of spaciousness to add a real “Wow” factor to any room.

This contemporary design truly opens up your living space allowing natural light to flood in whilst providing the opportunity to seamlessly bring the outside inside merging your garden/patio with your living space. Perfect for summer days and providing space for entertaining.

Our uPVC Bi-fold doors incorporate a ‘primary’ door that can be opened on its own and are an ideal replacement for existing French or Sliding doors with the added benefit of door configurations from 2-pane to 6-pane so you can make the absolute most out of larger openings providing a seamless connection with the outside.
Bi-folding doors are now widely specified for new build extensions, garden offices, patios, and swimming pool enclosures.

Bi-fold Doors Frames